a home brewed extraordinary ability

by Barabuz and JC Christensen


Half man, half machine, Bions are the genetic leftovers of a war that ended five decades ago. Faced with total annihilation, the ilven planets in the Alpha sector made a choice, one that haunts their race to this day. Highly magical beings called the Solarian invaded the sector and everyone in their path were demolished beneath their might. The magic of the lawful races was no match for the aliens. So they left it entirely in search of a new Arcana, bread by humanilia themselves.

That technology turned the tables on the war. Bio-Technourgy was completely foreign to the Solarians. Without defenses towards the Bions powers, the Solarians were defeated, and pushed back to deep space forever.

The sector is recovering from this war. Sector Lords have gobbled up the vacuum of power left when the Solarians fell. Life slowly returns to normal for all but the Bions. In a world were magic has been shunned, Bions are feared, outcast and mistreated. They find what little life they can using their skills to maintain droids and computer networks for large space stations and mining colonies. Most are indentured and don't own as much as their own freedom.

Summarization of powers

Very Minimal Time: 1 seconds/ cost 2

Mend Metal Object
Sense Direction
Detect and Gage Strength and Worth of Metal


Minimal Time: 2 seconds/ cost 3

Summon Gearwork Mechatron (lizard, frog, dragonfly)
Summon Metal


Min-Extreme Time/ cost: variable

Flesh to Metal (uses the same scale as Pet Gaze LR4AP 121)
Rust Metal (uses the same scale as Pet Gaze LR4AP 121) Arch of Power (Fiery Bolt LR4AP p 115)
Alter Magnetic Polarity


Lowmod time 3 seconds/ cost 4

Serrate/Sharpen Metal
Computer Havoc

moderate 4 seconds/ cost 5

Wood to Metal (nonpermanent)
Call Weapon
Emulate Precious Metals


Good Time: 5 seconds/ cost 6

Shape Metal
Heat Metal
Rebuke Droid
Metallic Vibration
Create Metal Object

Very Good Time: 7 seconds/ cost 7

Summon Mechatron Mount (horse, rhino)
Bolt of Metal
Annihilate Computer Hard Drive


Strong Time: 9 seconds/ cost 8

Wood to Metal (permanent)
Alter Magnetic Polarity
Summon Mechatron Servant
Distrupt Network


Very Strong Time: 12 seconds/ cost 9

Wall of Swords
Melt Metal
Summon Guardian Mechatron

Major Time: 16 seconds/ cost 10

Summon Lesser Golem Mechatron
Corrupt Computer Network
Imbue with Bio-Technology
Animate Cyborg Familiar


Extreme Time: 20/ Cost 12

Summon Major Golem Mechatron
Rain of Sparks
Summon Metallic Elemental
Fuse Biology and Technology
Implant Power Node