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Jolted from the plasma blast of the attacking ship, Moon enters the exact star settings to get the smeg out of Dodge. Sending the message through the rattled systems computers, it takes a few moments for the signal to reach Glick and the good Doctor in the Cockpit...

The yellow jet of coolant sprays towards the two passengers in the computer bay. Tas reacts with lightening reflexes and dives towards the base of the hose. He misses all of the spray but his trench coat gets a bad stain on it.

Tas quickly grabs the hose --careful not to get ooze in his eyes -- and tries in haste to fix the issue before it becomes a real problem! Anotan is not as lucky. The yellow coolant sprays his right arm causing it to turn a strange white color. He stares at it blankly as frozen mist rises from it.... 8 health harm

"Good work on getting this thing going gang!" Tas calls as he ties down the line. Anotan moves over to join him as they secure the system.

Moons star settings flash across the computer screen in the cockpit.

"By all means, chap, let's get out of here! Dr. Brady says as he grips the seat's hand rests."

Glick reaches forward and pushes the JUMP TO WARP button. "Hold on to your seats kids!"




AN empty clank rings through the ship and you all feel the moment of the craft die... you are motionless in space.



You pursuer shoots two more jolting rounds into the Lodgress... 54 Harm!

A lame duck, there is little for you to do but breath and wait for your impeding destruction... and then.....

Second post in a second.....