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The group sacks out in their new quarters and set up some kind of watch at the controls.

You find the food prep area stocked with an ample supply of supp8, supp9 and supp10. After eating, mending the damage done to the ship, you set your area up and catch some much needed rest.

In the morning, you wake to see the doctor reading a large leather bound ' book ' over a cup of tea.

' Care for a cup gents? The kettle is still hot.'

Before anyone can answer, a hail rings over the comm. 'Help... HELP!! If anyone can hear this.... HELP!!!! This is a detress call!! HELP US!!'

a female voice calls across the emptiness of space.

Tapping into the internal visual communications system, Tas gets the first look at the woman calling his ship. The image is of a violet-hued wylf, so beautiful he smeggin' damn near faints.

She looks up with her HUGE.... eyes and says, "Help us! We have little oxygen left. I am starting to feel light headed.... My judgement and reasoning are being impaired. We need a hero and pronto!"

'By the gods' Tas whispers....

'Must maintain my focuc, or all will be lost' he thinks to himself. No worries my lady, your white knight is coming!' Tassan yells into the comm.

'Ok boys! make haste!!! Get this damn ship into that field so we can save the hotties!!!' Tassan is sweating heavily now 'and if you guys won't get us in, than I'll do it myself!!' the hacker continues.


Dr. Brady calls out, "Lookie here chaps I say it is a bust I mean must deal that we help these fair maids out... STOP the lorry!" Dr. Brady urges the pilot into action.


Glick grabs the controls and leads the ship into a grave yard of crashed and junked vessels. What event from ages past could have caused all this damge? Glick jerks the contols narrowly missing a rouge asteroid. A disaster narrowly avert, the crew stare out the windows of the ship as it rounds a huge ghost ship. The windows are blackened by plasma fire and the hull ripped open as if taken by a can opener. The scanners at Moon's station blip with a red becon. The wylven women are straight ahead.

A silver spaceship is spotted, marroned on an asteroid the size of a small moon. There is ample room for landing the ship.

The doctor grabs his plasma staff and walks over to the spacesuits hanging on the wall.

"Well, chaps. I say we take a small away party over."

Pulling one down and giving a sheepish grin to the others he adds, "Who's in? I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Tas wastes no time with his reply! 'You bet your damn ars, I'm in! Seeing how I'm the only Wylf, I will be needed to uh....teach you guys their customs.'

Tas scans the room for reactions with a large grin.

"Seems I have to go with you all to keep your hormones in check... y'all would hump anything!" Anotan says annoyed at his horny cohorts.

Tugger, grumbling about the situation pipes up, 'Foolish spocket brains! I'll stay here and work on the warp coils! Don't do anything dumb and if you see any Plasma banks, bring them back. They'll get us a lot farther than any fruit colored woman!'

Moon laughs at Tas's behavor, he would wink if he could, Moon cant help but chuckle and think back to his grade school days when all the other kids would get all gitty at elementary dances when the girls form the Tresperan Moon Academy for girls would come over and party with them for what seemed like days but was usually just a few hours, those where the days,

'I will go ahead and stay behind and make sure that the E-brake doesnt slip off and this bus doesnt roll down hill, and leave us."

The doctor dons his space suit and checks the oxygen tank level.

"We'll only have fifteen minutes chap, so no games of cricket while were in low g."

Glick and Tas join him putting on the tinfoil-looking suit. Anotan dons a space hemlet and is good to go. The doctor moves to the door and checks the computer reading to make sure the second skin is locked down tight. He pushes the big red OPEN button and the inner door shoots up with a WHOOOOSH!

The blackness of space opens before them and barren gray stone seperates tehm from teh crashed ship.

"Step this way men! We shant keep the ladies waiting now should we?"