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Fleeing near disaster from the Techno-Golem's wraith, the party scampered into a heating tunnel and escaped. Crawling through the ductwork of the ship for sometime, they finally find a split that leads to a large vent. Looking through, there sits a deserted storage room. Glick makes quick work of the screws and you find freedom in a small dark closet. It is dark, but the hologen lights from their space suits give illumination to the room.

Tas punches his palm pilot and it tells him that they emerged on the other side of the ship, right of the engine room.

Using the palm's internal scanners he shows the others that there are 4 life forms in this room (he he he) and one life form in a room just to your left.


Tas urges the group to continue.

He moves out of the closet and looks both ways. He sees a long dark stretch of hall with blast doors blocking the way towards the engine room. All is quiet save for an occasional warning signal and a flash of red from the alarms. Tas slips quietly across to the door to the south and as he approaches it whooshes open letting him advance.

Inside, a candle lit room invites you on. Plush furnishings sit about the room. A blue-skinned wylven beauty stands by a window. Her skin tight orange blouse clings off pert nipples drawn hard by the failing temperature in the doomed ship. She turns and looks at you, flicking her cascading silvery hair from her lushes lips as she says, ' Ah, my rescuer has come at last. And more handsome than I could have imaged! Come in... let me show my gratitude! '

Before Tas can answer or his friends enter behind him, the door swooshes shut.

The beautiful vixen strolls up towards you. She reaches out a delicate hand, her finely manicured hand pawing at the collar of your black trench coat.

'Well, hero.... are you gonna stand there fiddling with your hard drive or are you gonna kiss me? ' She wraps one arm about your neck and and grips your bicept firmly with the other. Leaning down on infront of you she pierces up her full indigo lips and calls for you to kiss her.


Not ever being one to notice things right in front of him, the hacker places one hand firmly on her shoulder and tries to push away, saying.
'Uhhh thanks miss, but we can take care of this business later...lets find your other friends, first.'



She looks you in the eye and says,' I don't think you understand! This will be.... amazing. Come on baby, give me a kiss! Just one little kiss! '
She then attempts to force a kiss on you....

With surprisingly strong arms, the wylven princess grabs Tas, and pulls him tight into her grasp. She stares at him with her deep eyes. Running a hand down the curve of his face she says, "Your death shall be immaculate! I shall take you to the peek of ecstasy then destroy your mind!"


Then her luscious lip move to intercept his.


Out in the hall, the doctor has a plan to check up on his friend. Using a foreign arcana that frightens Glick and even makes the empty Anotan ponder, Brady creates a shimmering pool in the center of the door where the solid metal once stood. Through this shimmering mirror, the otherside can be seen, but not heard. Standing some forty feet before you is the beautiful maiden, the hacker in her arms. He looks but amazed and frightened, like a boy about to be a man. The woman moves forward for an impassioned kiss, but as she approaches, her guise dissolves before your watching eyes. She morphs from beauty beyond belief to the most horrid mutant hag you have ever laid eyes on.

Spiked teeth and serpentine hair writhe in a stock above her... uh... its head. Dark evil eyes stare down at the puckering up Tas. As her mouth moves to touch his, the orifice opens and out slithers a gray slimy tubule of a tongue... ripe for the brain sucking!





Tas.... PUCKER UP! Of course, in your eyes, she's still a beauty. ;-)

Anotan contemplates his possibilities and snaps into action. I can override the door.... Buy sometime.

The doctor responds by places his hands on the door and focuses his sight through the shimmering portal to the ghastly figure hold Tas in its thrall. The beast's slimy tongue inches its way into the mouth of hacker wylf. For one long moment, the two embrace in a stomach turning French kiss. The look on Tas's face is pure joy and pleasure as the slime from the ghast's serpentine tongue oozes onto his lips.
The ghast stands up straight and looks about in indecision....

She drops Tas to the floor where he lands like a sack of potatoes. Standing up he calls to her ' Come on baby finish what you started! '

But instead she turns towards the closed door. She adjusts her hideous main of hair and ambles towards the door.


Outside, the Bion works his computer skills while Glick stands waiting and ready with his two laser pistols pointed towards the door.

The Bion injects two tubules into the control panel and accesses the override function on the door.

With a whoosh the door slides open exposing the interior of the room.







Seeing his new found friend in trouble Glick cinematically through the open door and raises both weapons, aimed at the space succubuses head.

'I came here to kick ass and chew sup-21.... and I'm all out of sup-21..'


The laser blasts screech across the lavish room. The first strikes the velvet couch and sets it aflame...

The second strikes the creature in the chest blasting bits of her rotting flesh about the parlor and crushing hackers illusionary vision.

WAIT BABY!! You'll get......... SPLAT! EEEEEEEEEWWWWEEE!! I was making it with.... that! KILL IT!!

She stands 20 feet from the door. Glick is in her path.


Raising his laser rifle at the aproaching goul, Anotan lets a shot fly. Striking the horrid wretch, the green bolt blasts gore about the room. Still she presses on.

Before the Glick can get a second round of fire off, Tas gabs his pistol into the creatures back. Squeezing the trigger, a ray of energy enters the creatures body just to explode out through the front. The creature lets out a death cry as it toppels to the floor. Lifelessly it lies before you....


The party gathers round the fallen creature in curiosity and horror. ' What is it?? ' Glick asks.

Kneeling beside the oozing mass that was until recently your attacker, the doctor pulls an ancient artifact from his large pocketed coat. Using the pen as a pocker, he begins a crude autopsy to determine the origans of the creature. 'I have no idea what type of lifeform this is... Its specificatiosn aren't in any anthropology book I've read. How bout you, Anotan? Is there anything that fits this description in your memory banks?

Anotan scans the dead creature with his digitalized arm. Reading the data, he reports,

' Psucubus! Psychotropic Predatorily life forms engineered by the Solarians in the great war. They wield great Psychogenic powers... convincing their prey that their greatest pleasures are about to come true... They have one need, a burning unquenchable hunger for alfar and human gray matter. '

The Bion stops his report and looks about at his companions... ' Well, we should be safe than. Not much more than a snack amongst our crew. '

'We should be careful if we are to escape this ship alive... Not that it matters much in the scheme of things... but these beasts have sat on these ruined asteroids for decades waiting for victims to heed their distress calls. They will be famished and stop at nothing to feed '

Straightening up from his report he finishes, ' Well, then, let us be about our business. '

Scratching his goutee, the doctor says, ' Like a siren calling a mate they lure in their catch. Pitty we stumbled here. ' Brady finishes his cafeful examination of the dead body and rises. Dusting off his coat he heads for the open door. Freezing in his tracks he exclaims, ' HOY! You miss one valid point. If this vessel was like the other derelict scooners, relics from a past war, the life support system would not be functioning.'

The doctor adds. ' I think we need to seriously consider the possibility that these birds took the same bait that suckered us to this spot of rock. There might really be others trapped on this ship!'

As the group prepares to leave the room, Tas's palm pilot lets out a warning.

Oxygen levels falling..... unsafe levels in ten minutes....

"Look here chaps with the air becoming more foul by the second and these brain sucking hags about I say we trot off down towards those life signs and see if they are a friendly sort. If we don’t fine anything friendly soon I say we skeedatle back to the Lorry and bid a fond fair well to these “beauties”. Let’s stay on our toes!"


Heading down the hall to the right, Tas waves his palm pilot searching for signs of life. You come to the area marked on the map (coming in a moment) A door stands to either side of you while the main coridor continues staight some distance before it turns to the right.
Behind the door on the right, the mini computer indicates the presence of life. Tas motions for all to hault.

Tas moves towards the door and prepares to manipulate the control panel. As he starts his work, a scream is heard muffled by the thick steel door. A woman's voice cries out, ' STAY AWAY! I WORN YOU!! STAY BACK!


Tas takes this moment to fancy himself this girls every desire, as he understand now that this is how those evil brain suckers work.
'Mam! We are not hear to harm you, folow us if you wish to live.' Tas winks at her '...ohh, and if you fire another shot at me, I will kill you.'


'WOW! You are not like all of the others.'says the beautiful maiden that rises from behind the davenport.
A puzzled look crosses he face. 'You aren't rugged and handsome at all! You mustn't be a brain sucker. ' She approaches you and lowers her weapon.


The good Doctor walks into the room and looks the beauty up and down. Boys I think it would be wise to stay on our toes here.

Turning to the beauty "Hello there my dear and just how are we to believe that you are not a sight too good to be true?"


She raises her gun again. 'I could ask the same question. But I can prove it! Brainsuckers only eat their prey's brains while the victems are alive. Lower your blaster or findout if I am serious! Now I have had one crappy day! Our ship crashed, the other girls from the Miss Galaxy contest were eaten by big construction workers with the face of Brad Pit, I'm late for my photo shoot and I just spilt my favorite bottle of nail polish... Now shut your yaps, grab my suit case and lets get the smeg out of here, Dweebs!'

She grabs two suit cases from behind the couch and motions for someone to get them.

Throwing a crooked grin look on his face Glick says, 'Wonderful girl! Either I'm gonna kill her or I'm beginning to like her.'

'yeah, Glick, than you can carry the bags.' Tas says with a roll of his eyes.


Grabbing her bags, Glick bows and lets her move ahead towards the door.

She sticks her head around the corner and yells, "OH SMEG! They are coming this way! Four big hunky lumberjacks! They must be Brainsuckers! LET'S RUN FOR IT!"
I hope you have a fast ship to get me off of this rock!

She jumps around the corner and fires a laser blast at the charging psucubus.

'No, we stand here and we fight them.' Tas says the lst with a look of warning phlying across his wylven face.
'I'll not leave these brainsuckers alive, so as to lure more brave souls to this rock.' Tas lowers his head 'No, it is time someone stopped this...all o fit.'

With that, Tas' eyes light up....'unless, we cn get off this rock and blow the host ship to smeg dust....'

The Bion looks at Tas and says, 'Just leave the shooting to Moon. Tell him to hit that distant asteroid and he'll surely blast this ship to bits.' He then raises his gun and moves towards the opening.

Hearing the hacker's argument to stand and fight, the woman smiles and says, 'GOOD. You stay hear and stop these creatures. While they fight over your brain, me and... ah what was your name again? Slick will make our way to your ship!'
She sticks her head round the corner again and lets loose a shot with her gun.

'My GOD they are handsome! Manly and fit!!! We must run Blick! Don't look them dead in the eye! They'll draw you in. Let us be off.'

Looking down the hall to the left at the charging Psucubus attackers, you see a pack of squeeling school girls in their thigh high stockings and long pig tails... They all hold lolley pops in their hands and suck on them tantilizingly as they approach.


With his trench coat flowing about him, the violet hacker sends his own plasma shot screaming down the hall, in hopes of finding a burly lumberjack. But to his dismay he sees only two blue wylven beauties jumping on a trampoline. Remembering the models warning not to look dead on, he shoots at them without falling to their gaze. The shot blasts the lolly pop right out of one of their hands.

The model's two shots fly down the hall as well. One hitting a body builder, the other striking the ceiling. She runs out into the hall and cuts a hard left towards the engine room. Glick follows, luggage in hand. Anotan, the doctor and Tas staying to fight.

Glick and the bomb shell take off down the hall towards the engine room. Toting her bags as he goes and sprinkling her with 'Yes mam.'

In a moment of inspiration he calls out to her, 'Hey what about those shiney buckets in the main engine room? Looked like they were full of some pretty high concentrated plasma, proably used to power the ship . If we could start a delayed explosion to trigger them to burst... perhaps we could rid the world of these unwanted apparitions. But how to set up that reaction?'

Back at the door, the REAL men put up resistance to the evil nemisis.

Dr. Brady shoots a blastoid shoot down the hall and looks over his shoulder to see what success it brings. Spinning back into the doorway that shields him and Tas as they shoot at their attackers. he comes to a sudden stop, turns completely around.


He starts to shake as beads of perspiration break out on his forehead.

'It’s the weather Girl from channel thirty six…. And you don’t want to see what she is doing with her pointy stick!'

Looking at the weak Doctor, the Bion raises his rifle and leaps into the hallway to engage the rushing attackers.


Exiting the room behind the others, Anotan raises his laser rifle and says, 'Do not try to lure me into your thrall. I am a bion and thus devoid of lust and want. I am empurvious to your charms. '


He fires a shot down the hall at the attacking Psions. As he does he stops dead in his tracks. One fiendish goul reaches within ten feet of his position. Looking his way, you see him stride past the hacker and the doctor with a strange look on his face. Heading towards the rushing foe he says,

"Well, a Dimension 8200.... Intel® Pentium® 4 .... 1.8GHz... Who left that lying around in amust all these mindsuckers? Oh well. better take it back to the ship!'


He bend down to pick up the invisible laptop as the psucubus come closer.

Tas quickly fires a shot at the unworthy P4.'If only you had been a real CPU, an Athlon perhaps...not jsut a worthless core that makes claim to lofty mhz speeds even though the benchmark is false.' Tassan says as he lets a plasma shot errupt from his gun.

The shoot flies just over the Bions head and smashes the blinking red light at the end of the hall.

As Tas prepares for another attack, he hears his palm pilor let out another warning.



Bending over to pick up the laptop, the Bion is blind to all that is around him. Tas and the Doctor call for him to stay away... But he doesn't listen... Like a mouth to a flame he ambles up and bends over to grab it in his hand. In a flash, A Psuccubus leaps from hiding and waylays the captivated bion.
With a confused look on his face he stares the genetic monster in the face, ' I have never had a laptop grab me back before... '

The gray skinned hag opens its saber-filled mouth and uncoils its ooze dripping tongue out towards the bion. Still in her thrall he reaches out a hand and pokes the imaginary buttons on the laptop.. but what are in reality is the belly button of the Psuccubus.

Looking on in horror, the beast opens its mouth and attaches on like a toilet plunger and begins to pump away on the face of Anotan. He tries to mounts some resistance but it is futile.

'It's too late for him, Tas. We must flee. Maybe we can use the barrels in engineering as Glick said. Now let's get out of here!' He grabs Tas and drags him down the hall towards the engine room.

Meanwhile, at the closed door to the engine room... Glick and the beautiful woman stop and catch their breath. ' I hope my access codes still works!' She says.

Glick looks nervously back down the long stretch of hall. He sees the others only sixty feet behind... but Anotan is nowhere in sight. The model inputs the numbers and the door swishes out of the way. Moving to the other side, she prepares to seal the door again once everyone is safe.

Running into the engine room, still littered with the debrained crew of the ship, Dr. Brady drops the hacker and motions for the beauty queen to drop the door. Taking one last look down the gory passage, the Doctor calls out, "Boys I know we are in trouble here and that these girls are not what they seems but….

OH BLOODY HELL it’s Pete Francis’ sister I have had the hots for her since I was 12 years old.

I know that you aren’t really Pete Francis’ sister…. You are just a smeging zomboid hag that wants to suck my brain, but……

I just cant help my self."

He tried to run back towards the illusion down the hall, but before he can move, the lady inputs the proper code into the computer panel sending the door down and locking it tight.


Snapped out of the grip of the Psucubus, the Doctor wipes the sweat from his brow and says, 'Come on chaps lets get back to the safety of the Lorry while we still have a chance. And don't stop for anything that is too good to be true on the way back.

We must hurry before we run out of air or they board the Lorry. Then we will be in real trouble"

This is up to date.